Kawasaki Concours Full Color Wallpapers

Kawasaki Concours Full Color Wallpapers
Kawasaki Concours has a couple of things in common with the Yamaha Vmax, it's been around essentially unchanged almost forever (introduced in 1986) and it has a very dedicated following of owners who absolutely love it. This year, though, Kawasaki finally decided to bring the bike into the 21st century and they are introducing the Concours 14.

The Concours has shaft drive, an electrically adjustable windshield plus different aerodynamics than the ZX14, designed to protect a rider and passenger from the wind as opposed to maximizing top speed. There are heated grips, an accessory power outlet and of course, detachable hard bags. But the really sweet part is the engine, which is the big ZX14 engine in a slightly different state of tune but certainly a helluva lot more engine than any other touring rig you'll run across.

If Kawasaki is true to form, what you see here is probably the Concours you'll see for many years to come and I can't argue with their reasoning, I don't see any reason they would want to change it again any time soon. I like this.

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